Sam Pran Festival


My clue that the Sam Prang street festival was authentically Thai was when a 40 year old man with a pink Cannon Coolpix camera shamelessly took a picture of me.  I was the only farang there until I saw an old couple just as I was leaving so I got lots of

Farang representation

Farang representation

looks.  My friend Bom and I had a couple hours to kill before meeting another friend and her dad for dinner so we went to check out this really cool festival.  It’s in an old neighborhood in Bangkok where a lot of the buildings have been preserved and they closed down a couple streets to set up all the booths.  There were all sorts of street performances and arts and crafts set up.

Thai version of the human pyramid

Thai version of the human pyramid

From what I could understand, the purpose of the fair was to support anti-drug/anti-crime non-profits geared toward children and orphans.  It reminded me a lot of the Miller Mayfair (shout out to Wilton people), except the proceeds from our elementary school fair supported the affluent children of suburban, white parents.  Same Same, but Different.  There were little booths with all kinds of crafts set up and the best part, they were all FREEEEEE!  You could draw pictures, make beaded jewelry, tie dye, make a book, paint a piggy bank and all sorts of other fun things… for kids.  The only thing that was missing was a spin art booth and a rock tumbler.

Outta my way kids, it's MY turn

Outta my way kids, it’s MY turn

But as an adult, I still couldn’t resist the “create your own boat” booth.  The sail was actually already glued on, I just tied 3 knots on the corners.  I had to get a red one to rep 603; unfortunately there was no red paint to smear all over the sides, so it’s a more idealistic 603.

Food glorious food.

Food glorious food.



There were also lots of little non-profit vendors, food stalls and a puppet show.  I couldn’t understand any of the puppet show, but I can’t remember the last time I saw marionettes, so it was cool to watch anyway.

It was definitely a very authentic Thai experience.  Since there were no other Americans there, I had to make sure I represented for all of us and was as obnoxious and loud as possible.  Bom was not impressed.

Mong hee alai?

Mong hee alai?

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  1. Thomas

    Great posts. If you haven’t been syndicated you should be.

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