Sawatdee Kaa

That is one of 2 words that I know in Thai.  It means hello.  The other one is Ka poon Kaa (that’s my phonetic spelling).  And despite only knowing 2 words, I managed to say hello to a street vendor when he handed me my food last night.

I arrived in Bangkok 3 days ago and met up with Den and Mint.  We connected via, which is an awesome site for anyone who is travelling.  We had some good laughs over my pronunciation of this word “ka”.  Ka, ka, ka, ka and ka are all different words.  Get it?  Yeah me neither, but hopefully I will soon.

This isn’t even the really nice one – MBK Mall

My first impression of Bangkok is: I definitely came to the right place.  There are food carts serving up fresh pressed pomegranate juice and noodles and fruits outside KFC, McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts (yes, they are celebrating their 30th year in Thailand).  There is a super modern sky train cutting through the city while motos and Tuk-tuks cruise down the street underneath it.  Bangkok has the best of both worlds.  And no, elephants do not just walk down the street like they do on the Amazing Race’s portrayal of Thailand, at least not in Bangkok.

I spent the last couple days interviewing for teaching jobs, and of course, as I am about to step out the door to my first interview, the monsoon started.  I couldn’t help but hear my old Sea Scout leader in my  head saying, “When the weather gets shitty, you better be glad you didn’t

The raincoat is now part of my business professional wardrobe.

buy the cheap foul weather gear”.  I’m glad I listened to that advice, because an umbrella wasn’t going to cut it.  Long story short, I got the job, and more importantly, my hair stayed dry.

After the interviews were over, and I had hoofed my way all around the city, I decided I deserved a treat.  Thai massage.  1 hour for less than $6.  I am getting one every single day .  That woman was all over me.  As a matter of fact, I am going to go get one right now, then drink pomegranate juice while I sit in an orchid garden.  Don’t you think you should come visit?

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4 thoughts on “Sawatdee Kaa

  1. Katrina

    Congrats on the job! Sounds like you’re having a fantastic time. Does this new gig give you 3-day weekends like you hoped? 🙂

  2. heidischuman

    Congrats on the job Joc!!!! I knew you would do it! Mary and I discussed visiting late next year and she wants to go to a Muay Thai camp and I’ll spend more time visiting you! Stay tuned…. Congrats again, I’m so excited for you!!!

  3. My schedule is kinda weird actually. I work for 7 days a week for 6 weeks straight, then get a week off. Except for 3 weeks around Christmas, and 2 weeks in the spring for Thai new year. But its better than the other schools I looked at cause I have much more time off overall.

  4. Tim Fitz

    awesome Joc! congrats sounds like you’re making it count!

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