Well, I made it to Singapore.  Despite a brief freak out when I found myself on a plane rolling back from the gate and bound for Hong Kong, the trip was fairly uneventful.  Nothing like that adrenaline rush to counteract the Advil PM and prevent you from grogging off to sleep.  In my haze of checking in to my Asia bound flight in San Francisco, I missed the fact that Singapore Airlines flight 001 had a layover in Hong Kong.

Upon arrival in Hong Kong, I had to go through security for my 3rd time that day (?- my concept of time is screwed up right now) and the Chinese were able to find and take the pair of large scissors that I forgot to take out of my laptop bag.  The thing that’s funny about it is that neither the TSA at O’Hare or San Francisco took the large stabbing/cutting object from me, but instead took a bottle of hand lotion that was over 3 oz.  The TSA Theater show gets 2 thumbs up.

Speaking of thumbs up, since my first sleep crushing adrenaline rush came after the Hong Kong thing, and the second one came after I had my second plane crash nightmare, I have gotten about 3 hours of sleep in the last 32 hours.  As a result, I watched a lot of movies.  Below are my reviews:

Madagascar 3: Sequels are never as good as the original, but this was good mindless funny entertainment

People Like Us: I only watched this because it was on my Chicago – San Fran leg.  It sucked.  The ending redeemed it from getting 2 thumbs down, but just barely.

Dark Shadows: I really like Tim Burton, so I like all of his movies.  Got a little drawn out, but the visuals are cool and it’s an uncomplicated story.

The Woody Allen Movie about Rome:  I can’t remember the title, but its new and it’s in Rome.  Really funny, if you like Woody Allen, which I do.  I think there are like 14 actors in it that you’d recognize.

Friend Wanted for the End of the World (or whatever it’s called):  This was disappointing, which probably makes it the worst of the bunch.  No I take that back, it’s not worse than People Like Us.  It’s an unconvincing love story without much humor and a depressing ending.

I started watching The Artist, but it was too intellectually stimulating.

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2 thoughts on “Transit

  1. Fun stuff Jos. Get some sleep.

  2. SO excited you’ve started a blog – your editorial voice is perfect for this kind of thing. Very glad you made it safely, and I look forward to reading!

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